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Φωτογραφία 3The voluntary campaign “Let’s do it Greece 2016” took place on Sunday 17 April in the island of Lesbos, with participation exceeding every expectation. Over a thousand students from the entire island, voluntary organizations, clubs and cultural associations attended the voluntary cleaning action. Enthusiastic, passionate and determined the volunteers did their best.
Last week the students colored their school yards, drew scenes from the Greek nature and history and ground games like hopscotch, they planted trees, flowers, created gardens, cleaned their school yards and visited museums. They also realized activities outside the school; they cleaned parks, roads, parts of the port of Mytiline, the marina and beaches like “Xeres” which belongs to the network of protected areas NATURA.
The volunteers got to business early on Sunday morning cleaning numerous areas of the island and more specifically:
The Association of Volunteer Firemen of the Island of Lesbos conducted cleanups in Agia Marina, in the beach of Agios Ioannis in Mytiline, in Bonaparte Park in Chrysomallousa, in the provincial Mandamados-Kapi road, in the beach of Agios Isidoros in Plomari and in the coastline of Skala in Erresos. Apart from cleaning the provincial road, the volunteer firefighters conducted a patrol during which two fires were located which thanks to their immediate response they were able to put out before they expanded.
The Greek Guiding Association-Local Department of Mytiline along with the Camping Guiding Center of Mychos in Lesbos and the Volunteering Club of the Women of Lesbos cleaned the forest of Profitis Ilias and the perimeter of the Ancient Theater in Mytiline.Φωτογραφία 1
The Greek Rescuing Team of Lesbos in cooperation with the Club for Autoimmune Diseases “Ios” of Lesbos removed life jackets and boats from the seabed of Korakas Cape which they collected on shore and then gave them for recycling.
The Team for Volunteering and Solidarity “Ampelos”, the Four Wheel Club of Lesbos and the Local Community of Ampeliko cleaned the provincial Ampeliko-Megali Limni road.
The Cultural Association of Plomari “To Polion” cleaned the shores of Agia Varvara in Plomari.
The areas of Molyvos, Petra and Eftali were cleaned by members of the Tourism Body of Molyvos.
Furthermore, the Cultural Association “Paggeragotikos” held a ceremony to reward blood donors for their significant contribution.
On behalf of the Region of North Aegean, responsible for the coordination of the actions was Mrs. Aggeliki Sarantinou, Appointed Consultant for Volunteering and New Generation.

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