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image_galleryChristiana Kalogirou: “The North Aegean needs immediate support measures for the economy and attraction of investors”

“The islands of North Aegean have lifted a burden disproportionate of their capabilities and a way to support their economy should be found urgently”. This was the core message of the North Aegean’s Governor, Christina Kalogirou, speech in the framework of the First Forum on the Adriatic, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia with more than 700 participants- commissioners, ministers, representatives of the European Commission, the Committee of the Regions, European regions, chambers and other institutions.

Speaking on the first day of the Forum, about the economic and social impacts on the North Aegean region deriving from the refugee crisis, Mrs. Kalogirou referred to the efforts made to cope with this unprecedented, as she characterized it, issue and in the urgent need for the region to be supported in a direct and substantial manner.
Stressing the need to attract investors in the framework of the new philosophy of the European Commission and new financing tools, the Governor of the North Aegean Region requested the inclusion of the refugee issue in the investment criteria in the framework of the Juncker Plan to provide incentives for those investing in the area. She stressed that the European Commission was slow in realizing the magnitude of the problem and reacted only when it posed a threat to its very existence. She also noted that the European regions demonstrated solidarity from the first moment and that it was them who pushed for adoption of concrete measures.

In the Forum’s sidelines, Mrs. Kalogirou met with a number of European officials and representatives of other European regions and discussed potential partnerships in the framework of the existing European programs and the potential use of new financing tools in regions with specific characteristics, like the North Aegean region.

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